Thursday, 16 October 2014

Getting Creative in the Kitchen

I am by no means experienced in the kitchen. I struggle to follow recipes, often mixing them up or adding completely different ingredients.
Last Christmas my Aunty gave me Alice Hart's Vegetarian cookbook. While flicking through it I was inspired by her summer spring rolls.
While her recipe uses light fruity flavours mine was more of a traditional savoury dish. 

Rice paper rolls
Spring onion
Soy sauce 
Dehydrated mushrooms
Chilli Bamboo
Sweet chilli

Place noodles in boiling water, from the kettle is fine. Let it sit until soft. 
To save time, dishes and water I scoop out the noodles and place in a bowl adding a touch of soy sauce for some flavour. 
Using the same hot water I submerge a rice paper roll for a few seconds or until it becomes transparent.
Then I lay in on a plate and place a small amount of of the fillings in the centre and roll up. 
Then you can use any sauce you like we had sweet chilli sauce but I found the soy sauce and the bamboo gives a fair bit of flavour.

If you aren't a fan of mushrooms then chilli tuna, chicken or prawns are all good substitutes.

What do you put in your cold spring rolls?

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